Holistic Investment Advice by Bank Austria Private Banking

Logotype Bank Austria - member of UniCredit Group

Bank Austria is a modern and dynamic universal bank offering its customers access to international financial markets. Since 2005, the bank has been a member of UniCredit, one of the largest European banking groups, and  has one of the strongest capital bases among the large banks in Austria. It maintains an extensive network in Austria, with about 7.300 employees serving customers in some 280 branches.

Goals and incremental Improvements

Starting in 2010 as an investment advisory solution for Bank Austria’s Private Banking that ergonomically enables Relationship Managers to allocate client portfolios according to the model allocations provided by the bank’s investment experts, Portfolio Quality Analysis (PQA) has become the unique tool for any investment advice in Bank Austria’s Private Banking.

PQA/Portfolio Quality Analysis provides a comprehensive, detailed and clear update on the value of client assets and proposes improvements on diversification.

Analysis and Answers

PQA/Portfolio Quality Analysis focuses

  • asset classes, such as liquid assets, bonds, equities and alternative investments
  • the portfolio risk profile
  • key details such as regions and business sectors, and
  • future repayments.

PQA/Portfolio Quality Analysis highlights

  • the gap between current investments and the recommended portfolio structure
  • risk concentrations and other significant risk factors.

PQA/Portfolio Quality Analysis provides

  • a detailed investment proposal designed to optimize diversification and
  • a comprehensive list of buy and sell transactions to match the client portfolio to the investment proposal.

Effects and Results

PQA/Portfolio Quality Analysis ensures

  • the availability of UniCredit‘s research and asset management competence at the point of sale, and
  • MiFID compliance of all investment proposals

PQA/Portfolio Quality Analysis reduces

  • operational risk within investment advisory
  • the complexity of providing a holistic investment advice down to a few clicks, and the
  • time advisors spend on generating proposals, leaving them more time to build relations with their clients.

PQA/Portfolio Quality Analysis increases

  • the turnover rate in Bank Austria’s investment advisory service
  • the amount of 3rd party assets acquired from other banks
  • client satisfaction by providing a holistic investment advice
  • advisor satisfaction by providing effective support in meeting their goals.