Advisory individualization is a success for Jyske Bank.

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With 111 branches and four international units, Jyske Bank is #3 in the danish banking market — set to ‘make a difference’.
Jyske lives up to its label being the ‘catfish in the tank’: blaze new trails and innovate client interaction, services and products.


Providing individualized private investment advisory, personalized, tailored to subjective needs, Jyske needed a new screen-sharing situation at the point-of-sale: full transparency with advisor and client sharing the same screen — and no more prefabricated model baskets.

Each client portfolio is individualized, advisors and clients share screens. No models, no baskets.

Advisory workflow extended

  • Market research, asset allocation strategy, product research and product list preferences integrated
  • Leveraged investments, multi-currency, cash accounts and sub-portfolio handling added
  • Volatility scaling for bonds implemented
  • Customized data feed to individualize portfolios
  • MIFID check for each product

Interactive PoS Advisory realized

  • Full transparency and screen sharing at the PoS: advisor and client interact on the same application
  • Advisor includes client positions, constraints, outside assets and measures the persistent risk personality profile.
  • No authority bias.

Effects and Results

  • Increased acquisition of 3rd party assets.
  • Introduction of a fee based advisory service.
  • Reduced time-to-market for new products.
  • Ergonomic business administration, QA costs significantly reduced.
  • High acceptance by advisors.

Jyske Bank Portfolio SimulatorFlanking the implementation of the interactive PoS application, an interactive Portfolio-Simulator was used by Jyske Bank to generate leads and awareness. See this page for more detail and features.