Navigea rethinking holistic investment advisory with data-driven tools

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Norwegian Navigea Securities AS and its swedish branch Navexa Securities AB are part of the Agasti group. Agasti is a leading provider of investment advice for wealthy individuals, companies and institutional investors.

In 2013, Navigea and Navexa introduced MAP, the Managed Allocation Plan program, an innovative and fee-based approach, opening their closed-end product portfolio. MAP is unique for norwegian and swedish markets, where client’s overall investments are mapped jointly with the advisor.

Goals and Innovation

MAP is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM – reading data from the CRM workflow and writing back advisory results after a session is closed and documented.

An individual investor profile is established as a baseline evaluating future investments.
The application is delivered in three language versions for norwegian, swedish and english markets and provides highly individualized advisory, customized to client goals and profile, automatically documented to FSA requirements.

This short video shows the benefits of Navigea’s advisory product ‘delta360’ for advisor and client:

(Video used and subtitled with the friendly permission of Navigea. AVI version.)

Customization of investment advice – automated, FSA compliant documentation.

Client dashboard

  • Main information on client goals, investment strategy and investment horizon
  • One-stop and visualization of key figures
  • Feature rich and powerful module to include external assets
  • Holistic evaluation of client investments and opportunities

Advisory Tools and Documentation

  • Selection of use cases and portfolios for advisory allow highly individual recommendations according to situational and long-term requirements
  • Choose fast optimization with preset constraints or customized parametrization
  • Creation of adaptable, customized FSA-compatible documentation, including multiple analysis views and appropriate recommendations