Portfolio Simulator

Realizing a gamification approach, tetralog designed and implemented a cross-browser, self-service application to let potential clients play with their risk and return expectations.

The goal is to have potential clients play with their subjective risk assessment, model baskets or their own portfolio data.

Using intuitive sliders and interactive elements, users can simulate portfolio changes as to optimize returns while minimizing risk. Subjective risk can be tuned anytime, immediately returning optimization results based on nobel laureate Harry Markowitz’s portfolio diversification theory.

A default model portfolio is used to stimulate user interest reducing risk and optimizing expected returns.

The interactive Risk/Portfolio Simulator is a successful effort to generate interest and leads for Jyske Bank’s advisory services andĀ advanced optimization tools.

Users may receive optimization results as an PDF emailed to them and contact a Jyske Bank advisor to proceed.

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Risk/Return Simulator functionality

Portfolio Simulator: an effective marketing tool