tetralog Perspectives

investment advisory models for the last decades: moving towards individualization

The last decades show a gradual shift from segmented to individualized private investment advisory models. The increase in regulation will foster this trend, individualized investment advice will become the mainstream advisory model.

Private Investment Advisory will individualize across all customer types.

Future advisory models will favor high product flexibility and individualization to needs and constraints.

Individualization and mass customization will be opened for all client types and segments.Model portfolios and asset allocations will be the starting point for individually tailored advice. Services that once were premium are to be mass customized for all client segments. Permanent portfolio monitoring and proactive advice across the entire client base will be technically supported and hence leverage potential.

Advisory workflows need to support holistic investment advice and free quality time for trustful client interactions. Openly sharing insights — at the point-of-sale, in person or remotely — is a strong confounder for sustaining relations.

Quality and satisfaction of advisor-client interactions is the strongest driver to attract, fascinate and bind customers.

Policies, market insights and background calculations are to support communication rather than take attention away from relationship building.

Workflows and tools need to reduce complexity and free advisors attention to build and sustain trusted client relations. Rather than confining advisors, background rules and mechanics are to support and hint advisors to proactively anticipate client needs and propose scenarios.

tetralog brings in competencies, experience and its robust track record to support the path to mass customization of investment advisory workflows.