What we offer

Consulting & Studies

Solving complex problems with the help of data-supported studies is part of our intellectual toolkit – and can be traced back to our scientific background. We use empirical and financial mathematical analyses as consulting tools in various areas: from improving the user experience to implementing technical details or measuring service quality.

Concept studies instead of real-time experiments

“Is my business idea compatible with all technical or regulatory frameworks? Do all my partners have the same project goal in mind? What is the best solution for my specific needs?” Questions such as these are a matter of course in day-to-day and project business. Answering them with the help of a conceptual study may not always be standard procedure, but with 25 years of experience in concept design for investment consulting, we can identify opportunities and limits faster than anyone else – before the start of the project, so that no fundamental problems need to be solved during the ongoing process.

Potential analysis – for consulting on a scientific basis

The “Portfolio Cloud” visualizes the consulting potential of customer portfolios. The entire customer portfolio is displayed along the dimensions of risk and return. By setting appropriate filters, the consultant can identify which customer portfolios require adjustment and which customers should be contacted for advisories such as risk adjustment. The “portfolio cloud” not only provides a structured basis for customer consulting, but also improves the customer experience.

Rankings to measure service quality

In rankings such as the Fond Kompass or the Robo-Advisor study, for years we have not only been assessing topics such as fund quality and performance, but also the service quality of fund companies in terms of private customer communication as well.