Who we are

Our team: psychologists, mathematicians, sociologists and physicists

Built-in change of perspective

It’s in our DNA to look at things from all angles. Our team has always consisted of representatives from a wide variety of disciplines, including psychology, mathematics, sociology and physics. What is immediately noticeable is that most of us have roots in areas that are not necessarily mentioned in the same breath as “finance” or “investment advice”. Although we know the industry inside out after more than two decades of experience, we have retained our external perspective and diversity to this day. We therefore not only understand our clients’ point of view, but naturally bring new perspectives with us too.

Courage for discourse – and for genuine innovation

We believe in the power of discourse. Many of us have scientific experience, a formal education and live the learned discourse on the way to new concepts and solutions. In practice, this means that we examine and question every hypothesis or idea from different angles before presenting it to the outside world as a finished solution. In this way, our clients can be sure that we offer only high-quality results , as only such results can withstand our in-house, multidisciplinary “examination panel”.

Unconventional solutions

From consulting and conception to algorithms and software implementation: in each of our process steps we attach great importance to methodical and formal approaches. At the same time, the benefits of combining different disciplines become apparent; for instance, when we transfer success models from one area to another. Thus we succeed again and again in developing unconventional solutions that amaze our customers.