What we do

Software & Development

Based on our more than 50 software modules, which we individually compile and adapt for our customers’ solutions, we are active across the industry: in private, retail and corporate banking, for insurance and IFA pools and asset managers. Depending on requirements, our services range from focused APIs for specific analyses to a complete enterprise platform. Our building blocks and solutions support the entire investment advisory process, from profiling to analysis, optimization and monitoring.

Profiling – Status quo and measurement of risk personality

At the beginning of every serious consultation there is a profound analysis of the status quo of the customer. With the help of our profiling tools, all relevant questions are clarified: What is the private client’s initial financial situation? What are their investment goals? One of our signature modules is the questionnaire for determining the risk personality in dealing with money, which is based on the research results of the Max Planck Institute under the direction of Prof. Brengelmann and to which we hold the exclusive license rights.

Analysis – Overview and transparency

The status quo of the customer not only includes the profile of the customer, but also his current portfolio. Our modules and calculation cores from the “Analysis Services” family provide the necessary overview and transparency to understand the portfolio. The most important analyses focus on risk and expected returns, all types of portfolio breakdowns and exposures including fund reviews as well as historical performance and forecasts. The uncertainty and dynamics in the markets with regard to a forecast performance are best illustrated by the results of a Monte Carlo simulation. This module helps to estimate the most likely development of an investment and the realistic up- and downsides.

Recommendation – Portfolio Optimization

For the advisor, the investment recommendation is the freestyle in the customer discussion. Which products are suitable for the portfolio? How should they be weighted so that the portfolio is as efficient as possible? Is the fit with the profile guaranteed? What are the client’s preferences? The bank, in turn, wants to ensure that the advisory approach it prescribes is lived at the point of sale, i.e. that centrally controlled product specifications and research information are implemented. The modules we have developed for this purpose form the “Recommendation Services” family: they enable investment recommendations to be made that are tailored to the advisory approach of the individual bank, either quantitatively or qualitatively, across all security classes and on the basis of individual securities, taking into account individual constraints at the same time.

Documentation and portfolio monitoring

All results must be documented at the end of the consultation. The respective interpretations of the MiFID requirements repeatedly provide different detailed requirements. Our documentation modules summarise the results of the consultation in accordance with local regulations. Equally important are attractively prepared client reports, which make the advantages of the recommendation comprehensible to the end client. Even good advice is only a snapshot. Only a continuous follow-up allows lasting quality in the portfolio. This is where our monitoring modules come in. With little effort for the customer, our highly efficient analysis services check the customer’s portfolios overnight – and send an alert in the event of deviations from the target criterion. In this way, the consultant knows at all times which of his customer portfolios are affected by market dynamics and which customers should be contacted.

Integration – Part of the process or individual module

Depending on the requirements, we integrate our solutions differently deep into the existing IT structures of the customer. For this purpose, we have a lot of experience in interfaces and integration, which has been sharpened in many projects. The integration of existing resources and competences at our customers supports the agile integration into the productive systems and shortens the “time to market”.