How we support you

Improved customer experience

“Which funds would suit me – and how do they differ? Which investment goals are realistic for my investment amount?” On its website, Union Investment would like to offer private clients the opportunity to find suitable answers to such questions without having to meet the regulatory requirements of investment advice.

For this purpose, we have developed four different, interactive calculators and tools that have been specially designed for the Union Investment ecosystem – and that make it possible for private clients to experience what kind of investment type they are or how the values of different funds have developed.

Interactive Web Apps facilitate access to the “taboo topic” of money

Trust and traceability are crucial when it comes to money. On the other hand, especially in Germany, money and investment are often treated as taboo; many people shy away from dealing with the issue. The aim of Union Investment was therefore to offer low-threshold tools that make it easier for private customers to access the financial world – and with which they can obtain transparent and non-binding information at any time. The tetralog computers are therefore comprehensibly prepared and function on all common browsers and mobile devices.

From backend to frontend: software and visualization from a single source

With Union Investment, we are pursuing a consistent “one backend” approach: in other words, harmonizing data sources and algorithms across all tools. This enables us to guarantee uniform calculation results – regardless of whether a tool is accessed via a campaign page such as Sparstrumpf or from the local website of a Volksbank. The backend will be maintained and extended on a permanent basis and will continuously add further parameters in close cooperation with Union Investment. However, we do not always move “below deck”, but often also in the visible area: for each web app we have visualized all content in a user-friendly way and also designed the interactive user interface.