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Tangible research

“What does Schroders’ research opinion mean for my portfolio?” This question is answered by the portfolioIQ we developed for the Schroders fund company.

The current market opinion visualized in a simple and tangible way

As a globally operating asset management company, Schroders publishes its current market opinion on the various asset classes every month. The portfolioIQ projects this opinion onto the individual securities portfolio. It visualizes how the risk and return expectations of the portfolio change when the scenario described in Schroders’ market outlook occurs. A value-at-risk based forecast shows the expected performance for the portfolio and the custody account in the light of Schroders’ current market view.

Gamification approach for portfolio optimization

But the portfolioIQ can do even more: it also optimizes the portfolio according to the investor’s risk tolerance and taking Schroders into account for the current market outlook recommended products. The central element of the portfolioIQ is the Spider widget, inspired by the gamification idea and gesture control of multi-touch screens: an interactive graphic that makes elusive terms such as portfolio, diversification, risk, return and research tangible in the digital world.