tetralog lecture for the Kapitalmarkt Kolloquium München

Banks are still stuck in the industrial age when it comes to their way of thinking. This thinking consists above all in delivering a finished “product” that can be bought and consumed. It is therefore not particularly surprising that the product that emerges in the end does one thing above all else: reflect these structures. The product is conceived from the bank’s logic, i.e. from the point of view of corporate strategy, product management and sales; but does it also fit in with the customer’s life? Does it find points of contact and connection to the customer’s life? What must the interface between a bank and the customer look like, so that bank and customer can communicate permanently and fit together?

The lecture by Dr. Lothar Jonitz, CEO of tetralog systems AG, is a change of perspective and shows new approaches for the interaction between money and the world or, more concretely, bank and people.

Kapitalmarkt Kolloquium München
by Münchner Finanz Forum

12.11.2018, 15.00h Sofitel Bayerpost
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Blog Post “Interfaces– Interaction between money and world”